No Mom, I’m not making Facebook

3 min readFeb 5, 2021

Unfortunately, I’m not making the next big app…yet. However, I can show you how to make a folder in command line.

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Coding wasn’t something I really thought about past copying and pasting html links to my piczo or tumblr accounts to get cool elements on my page. So, who would’ve thought all those years later I’d be learning to add more than a goth Tweety Bird to web pages.

For a very long time, I had a strong vision of the type of life I wanted for myself:

Highschool -> University -> Law School -> Become a lawyer and live my Jessica Pearson fantasy

Looked pretty solid to me but I quickly learned that with life you can’t be too rigid. Things happen and you gotta go with the flow.

Halfway through undergrad, circumstances changed, I had to go on hiatus with school and focus on working full-time. Though I enjoyed my experiences working in retail and making friends, I had to ask what exactly I wanted for myself because I wasn’t truly feeling fulfilled in what I was doing. During this time, I was experimenting with coding and learning what I could with the free resources available, just something to pass the time in between shifts.

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I went back to school to finish getting my Bachelor’s, but the world had other plans. My first year back after a 2-year break, Miss Rona decided to make her debut. I can’t see very well but when I put my glasses on, I can see the signs, university was not for me. Soon, I found myself without a job, and going back to school was not an option. It was the first time in my life where I had no obligations. I had a lot of time to think,

and think,

and THINK.

With a bunch of new hobbies, a kitten but still no idea of what I wanted to do in terms of work, I buckled down and looked for jobs that allowed me to work from home because one thing I did know was that I did not want to step foot inside of a mall during a panoramic. Along the way one of my best friends got a job at Juno and told me about an upcoming coding workshop. I wasn’t having much luck in the job-seeking department and I had time on my hands, so, I registered. Best. Decision. Ever. The workshop was not only educational but it was actually really fun.

After plenty of googling and deep dives on YouTube, I opened myself up to the world of tech and saw that the possibility of becoming a developer wasn’t out of reach. There were so many different kinds of people in the industry, with so many different backgrounds, and best of all I didn’t need a CS degree to make it happen.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

From there I decided to take the Accelerated Web Development course and soon found myself on the track to where I am now, a Juno Bootcamp Student.

So I may not be making the next big app, but for now, I promise I won’t break your site.




Juno College Student. Front-end Developer in the making.